Wizard’s WARdrobe

Wizard's WARdrobe cover image by Chris Rallis

In Wizard’s WARdrobe, you take the role of an apprentice wizard who has busted into the Grand Wizard’s epic WARdrobe to battle other wizards, free-for-all or in teams, for magical loot! Wizard’s WARdrobe is for 1-4 players, with each game lasting 5-20 minutes per player.

Wizard’s WARdrobe also has a co-op mode, with a single 25-card expansion, where 1-4 players gear up to go rescue the missing Grand Wizard, and a solitaire mode where the Grand Wizard returns from his quest to find you rummaging through his things and you must defend yourself from his wrath.

Wizard’s WARdrobe is quick to set up and easy to learn: the game pieces laid out almost teach the game itself. It is fast-paced (you can start spell slinging right off the bat) yet highly strategic (with dozens of spells and 8 WARdrobe piles to choose equipment from, there are many lines of play). This makes each game unique and exciting, so Gear Up & Throw Down in Wizard’s WARdrobe!

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