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Game Point and Wizard’s WARdrobe at Terminal City Tabletop Convention

Game Point was at Terminal City Tabletop Convention (TCTC) this last weekend, March 4 & 5th, in Burnaby, BC, Canada. The first TCTC was in 2014, and Game Point was there launching Symetra, and we’ve been there ever since. Just before the convention, Shannon Lentz (the founder and organizer of TCTC) and I were interviewed […]

Who is Symetra?

Learn about the origin and history of the ascended being Symetra, who is the namesake of Game Point’s strategy card game. Find out about Symetra’s home planet Orbworld, what her powerful deck of cards is, and why she needs your help to battle a great evil using this reality-shaping technology. The first part is an excerpt from […]

Symetra on the Sunshine Coast

Thanks to all those who came out to the local Sunshine Coast Symetra launch! Game Point playtesters, backers, and new players came out to duel Symetra and Wizard’s WARdrobe! They battled, earned Game Points, and cashed them in for Symetra prizes!   The venue, Mission Point House, is a forest house right on the ocean […]

Magic Stronghold Symetra Launch

Game Point had an awesome launch event at Magic Stronghold last weekend. Kickstarter backers and many new players came out, played hard, and earned prizes with the new Game Point Prize system! We were even blessed with a double rainbow touching down just outside the location! Check it out in the photos. Setting up the […]

GottaCon 2015

Game Point was at GottaCon gaming convention 2015 in Victoria, British Columbia. The convention is the biggest game-only con in BC with its attendance steadily rising by 50%+ each year! This was Game Point’s 2nd year at the con and we followed up with the final version of Symetra from the prototype we had last […]

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