Symetra on the Sunshine Coast

Thanks to all those who came out to the local Sunshine Coast Symetra launch! Game Point playtesters, backers, and new players came out to duel Symetra and Wizard’s WARdrobe! They battled, earned Game Points, and cashed them in for Symetra prizes!


The venue, Mission Point House, is a forest house right on the ocean and my favourite place to run gaming events. Private, surrounded my nature and animals (we had a humpback whale at the last gaming event here), you just can’t beat the atmosphere! I am thankful I live on the Sunshine Coast! Enjoy the photos:

Fixed01-Outside06Fixed02-Outside03Fixed03-Symetra05Fixed04-Symetra07Fixed05-Symetra04 Fixed06-WizardsWARdrboe01 Fixed07-Oracle01



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