About Brad Finlayson

Brad Finlayson is the owner and head designer of Game Point Game Systems.

Brad has been passionate about games since age 5 when his Dad owned an arcade. Over the years he has owned many game systems and computers. At the age of 7 his father gave him the basic rules for Dungeons & Dragons and he has been a steady player and creator of both live games and video games ever since.

In 2000 he took the Electronic Game Art and Design course at the Center for Digital Imaging and Sound.

Brad lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, British Columbia with his girlfriend Ivana and their cat Ganesh where he teaches healing, martial arts and meditation when not developing games or working at the last, best video store in the world: Sid’s Vids. Through Sid’s, he is the local tournament organizer for the world renowned card game Magic: the Gathering and has organized many events and groups in the area.

Brad is excited to launch Symetra, the debut game he created for his universal gaming system: G-Aim. Brad’s next game, Wizard’s WARdrobe, is nearing Kickstarter readiness! Follow us to stay to stay tuned for its release!

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